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Chapter Leadership

Meet Our Board and Chapter

The Central Connecticut Chapter, has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society for over 60 years. We are a male ensemble who enjoy singing, fraternity and promoting vocal music in our communities. From all walks of life we enjoy singing in chorus and quartets and  sharing our hobby with all ages. We are always looking for members who love to sing and entertain audiences . We rehearse at the Daniel Doherty Recreation Center on Wednesdays 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. We sing in chorus, and quartets, each week and share friendship along with refreshments at the end of each meeting

The Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS)

The BHS is comprised of over 800 USA chapters. Our chapter currently has 20 active members out of over 22,000 of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Our society is also international with over 1000 affiliate members in eight foreign countries.​

The Central Connecticut Chapter

Opportunities for Leadership

Our board is comprised of a President, Past President, Secretary, Financial VP, Membership VP and board members responsible for Youth Outreach, Quarteting, community ourtreach.  The board meets once a month and creates the plans and direction for the chapter.

Our chapter is made up of men who reside in over a dozen central Connecticut towns. We love to sing, harmonize and perform in chorus or quartets. We have a diverse repertoire of crowd-pleasing songs and have performed as a chorus and with our quartets throughout the state. Although we sing unaccompanied, we have performed with the Wallingford and Waterbury Symphonies. To sharpen our skills, we also compete at the Northeastern District and Divisional levels.

Under the musical guidance of our director Hart School of Music graduate Tony Nasto and strong music team, you will have the benefit of the best coaching and opportunity to improve your singing skills. Our mission is to promote a capella vocal harmony and good fellowship among our members and throughout our communities.

Our Musical Style

Ours is a traditional American musical style sung in four part unaccompanied close harmony. The melody is carried in the second voice and is called the LEAD. The TENOR is the high part and harmonizes above the lead. The BASS sings the lowest notes and provides the solid foundation for our four-part harmony. The BARITONE fills in the missing notes to complete the chord, sometimes above and sometimes below the melody or LEAD part. There are many traditional songs from the great American songbook that we enjoy and perform in our shows and competitions. We also sing more current  songs that have been written or arranged by some of our very talented, Barbershop Harmony Society arrangers.

How do we learn our songs?

One does not need to know how to read music to sing with us; of course it certainly would help but not necessary. We learn by using CD’s and also Part Tracks on our Members Only page that have our voice part dominant, by singing in our sections, and rehearsing in the chorus and in quartets. Our talented director, Tony Nasto strives for excellence and having fun as he guides us through the learning process and our performances. I assure you that you will become a better singer as as a member.

Mike Trzciensky


Steve Azzaro

Past President

Chris Hall


Fred Cote


Joe Marino

VP Membership

Steve LeClair

Youth Outreach

Jordan Kugler


John Mayo

Board Member

At Large

Gordon Reimer


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